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Pre Junior - English for children in Cyprus

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Course Overview

The course is teacher-led, but student-focused, with a strong emphasis on vocabulary and grammar to build a solid foundation for students’ success. The practice activities are rooted in a ‘real world’ context, to ensure that students can immediately use the language that they are learning to talk about themselves and their daily lives. With colourful photos and illustrations, lively songs and chants, stories, real-world texts, and plenty of crafts and group tasks, Beehive is an engaging course for young learners.

Leaning Objectives

Our Pre-Juniors course builds a solid foundation in English with a carefully staged grammar and vocabulary, and develops students’ global skills so they become empowered 21st century learners. The children learn about the world with international culture texts, stories and videos and fosters collaboration and project work. Our course practices all-four skills and learners are encouraged to speak through carefully staged and supported tasks, carefully graded texts, and writing activities which have a scaffolding learning approach.

Target Audience

Second-grade primary school pupils.

“The suitability of younger or older students for this level is always at the discretion of the academic director”

Course Duration

September – June

Our lessons are conducted on a weekly basis, each session lasting for 60 minutes.

Course Format

The lessons are conducted within a classroom setting.


Before registering for this course, students are required to:

  • Take a placement test corresponding to their level.
  • Attend an interview session.
  • Complete and submit all necessary forms.

These prerequisites ensure that students are appropriately placed and prepared for their educational journey with us.

English educators


Our teachers possess a minimum qualification of a B.A. in English and undergo ongoing training, including programs by the British Council and Cambridge University. The team is carefully selected for high expertise, ensuring excellence. Parents can expect to foster a productive and friendly relationship with their child’s teacher, who keeps them consistently informed and updated.

Method of Assessment

The course offers a seamless learning and assessment experience, built on the principles of assessment for learning. With regular assessment check-ins, the course provides educators with the information they need to make the right decisions for students to support better learning.

Upon completion of the academic year, students will receive a certificate of completion from Together English Language Centre, endorsed by our Academic Director.