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Little Juniors - Mouse and Me! 3

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Course Overview

Its child-centred approach draws on the imagination to lead children, via stories of dressing up, into different areas of experience, all of which they can easily relate to, and which extend their knowledge of English and enhance their cognitive development.

Leaning Objectives

Mouse and Me! 3 will teach lots of English words and some useful phrases, as well as singing many songs and talking in English to Mouse, the course puppet. Mouse and Me! is also about understanding and respecting other people and relating to them in a positive way.  The stories help the children to think about life from the perspective of different people in our world, and they all contain simple moral messages and values (e.g. sharing, being friendly, being polite) which develop your child’s emotional understanding.

Target Audience

First-grade primary school pupils.

Course Duration

September – June

Our lessons are conducted on a weekly basis, each session lasting for 60 minutes.

Course Format

The lessons are conducted within a classroom setting.


Before registering for this course, students are required to:

  • Take a placement test corresponding to their level.
  • Attend an interview session.
  • Complete and submit all necessary forms.

These prerequisites ensure that students are appropriately placed and prepared for their educational journey with us.

English educators


Our teachers possess a minimum qualification of a B.A. in English and undergo ongoing training, including programs by the British Council and Cambridge University. The team is carefully selected for high expertise, ensuring excellence. Parents can expect to foster a productive and friendly relationship with their child’s teacher, who keeps them consistently informed and updated.

Method of Assessment

In each unit, there is a Portfolio worksheet for the children to complete.  These worksheets can be collated into a folder.  At the end of each unit, children are given the opportunity to complete a worksheet to demonstrate the student can both understand the meaning and pronounce it correctly.

Upon completion of the academic year, students will receive a certificate of attainment from Together English Language Centre, endorsed by our Academic Director.